We Love Arizona! The abundant sunshine, beautiful Sonoran Desert and resort lifestyle deserves its own Whiskey and Vodka brands to celebrate this great state. By the way, Arizona was the 48th state to be admitted to the Union, just over a hundred years ago. Warm nights, fabulous sunsets and great brands to share with friends. Please enjoy our products responsibly, especially in flip flops. Please scroll for more...

Sonoran Spirits

John LarsonSonoran Spirits is a Premium beverage company based in Phoenix, Arizona. We are committed to quality and strive to create enduring brands and that is why we are here. Our company has evolved over many years of analysis of the beverage industry, as well as traveling, touring and talking to people who create and distill some of the best spirits and cordials in the country. Starting a beverage company is no small feat and takes an extreme level of dedication, we promise we’ll make you proud to purchase, share and support the products we produce.




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Sonoran Spirits LLC.

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