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Cave Creek Olive Oil Company invites you in this Summer!

Cave Creek Olive OilGET OUT OF THE HEAT!  Cave Creek Olive Oil Company celebrates its four-year anniversary here in Cave Creek!  Come visit them and get out of the heat and in to try some tasty vinegars and Olive oils!

“Balsamic vinegars and olive oils are heart healthy foods,” says owner Martha Bates. “Balsamic vinegars help to balance blood sugar, and aid in digestion. Olive oils help reduce the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and obesity. In addition, they help keep the heart young and are good for the skin. We want to celebrate good health and excellent specials with customers by giving back for our many years of success in Cave Creek.”

Cave Creek Olive Oil Company, which is located at 6201 E. Cave Creek Road, can be reached at 480.595.3157. Orders can be made through the company’s website at