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Big Earls Trash Bash 2018!

Who's ready to paaaarrrtty?!
Honestly, it's so hot. All people do is complain about the heat while dripping in sweat and having their legs stick to chairs. Everybody's bored, running out of things to do, we're all sick of complaining, and we're just ready to have some fun.

Big Earls Cave Creek Trash Bash 2018
I'm not saying I have the cure for the summer blues, but for one night, I have a solution. You all know what I'm talking about people, it's The 7th Annual White Trash Bash at Big Earls Greasy Eats! Let me give you a quick little history about the white trash bash. In 2012 A local writer for a local newspaper in town wrote an article about the previous owner Kim Brennan. Calling her "white trash", she saw this is an opportunity to turn it into a party. And boy did she! The whole town came out in support of her and wanted an excuse to party. Now fast forward 6 years and 7 huge, fun, and memorable parties later, we are about to have our 7th annual white trash bash. “I am proud to carry on the tradition that has become a party the towns people look forward too every year.” New owner Brooke Dallas says.
It's hot, sticky, sweaty, fun and dubbed as the best party in Cave Creek in the summertime. It's inappropriate and hilarious all mixed together in a perfect combination. As always we will have a trailer in the front yard accompanied with a clothes pin line, flamingos, and so much PBR Beer and Jell-O shots you won't know what to do with yourself. 
We will have costume contest, which might be the funniest thing of the entire night. Like last year and years before we will have these famous categories :
-The Best Camel Toe
- The Best Moose Knuckle
- The Trashiest Couple at the Trailer Park
You'll see new and exciting games and attractions this year. Last year the slip and slide was such a success! This year we are doing an inflatable waterslide...! A DJ that keeps the party going all night and food any trailer park party would be proud of.
We will be collecting can goods before hand, and donating a percentage of sales to our local Foothills Food Bank. “Having fun and giving back to this amazing community who has done so much for me is what’s is all about!” Dallas says. “Last year we raised over $2,000 for the Garcia family, who passed away in the flash floods. Giving back is now a yearly tradition I want to keep going.”
So come on out July 21st at 8 PM until 2 AM, to our adults only party. Dress to impress and get out your best overalls, mullets, beer bellies, curlers, slippers, spam, SlimJim's and Pringle cans. Put it on your calendar people, it's the one event all summer you don't want to miss.
Big Earls Greasy Eats
6135 E. Cave Creek Road
Cave Creek, AZ 85331