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Etania Trunk Sale!


Cave Creek Event Etania Trunk Show

Jennifer has displayed her work at the Hidden in the Hills show for many years, however, this year she will be showing her work exclusively at Etania!  She specializes in Sterling Silver jewelry. Each piece is hand forged and infused with positive energy and intentions.  Her jewelry is not only visually attractive but connects with buyers on an emotional level. 

 Jennifer's "Connection Collections" focus on universal messages that can be interpreted individually. She hopes that when you wear a piece of her jewelry, the intention will resonate into your conscious thought and it will improve the world around you. Not a bad thing to have in this crazy world these days!  

Please come in and see us.  Jennifer will be in the store from 3-5 pm today and tomorrow, as well as next Friday and Saturday.  She will be giving away a pendant, so please remember to register for that, as well!