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RAY VILLAFANE in the Sanderson Lincoln

May 15 - 25 You may have noticed the new feathered family located in the west end of the Gardens. This was a small sand exhibit compared to the sand sculpture that Ray will preview starting May 15 in the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion. acheter phenq   Thank you to everyone (especially the "regulars" who frequent the Garden), who have stopped by to say hello to Ray. The residents as well as surrounding locals have come to talk and shake Ray's hand and welcome him back to the Gardens. You may have also noticed his affinity for balancing rocks all over the Gardens. The art of gravity to stack odd shaped rocks that will amaze even those critics who thinks it’s not possible.   You may remember Ray Villafane as the world famous pumpkin carver, who masterfully carved three 400 lb. pumpkins in Carefree’s Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion last October.  He will be back for a bigger and better exhibit in the Fall!