World-renowned…Big Earl’s Greasy Eats a famous location

Big Earls Cave Creek Big Earl’s Greasy Eats, Cave Creek, isn’t just famous with Arizona locals: The historic venue has been featured in numerous major media outlets including the Food Network, Vogue, Phoenix Magazine, New Times, several statewide magazines and newspaper, television. Just as significant, the historic restaurant and bar has been the designated location for several films, both independent and full feature productions. Why is it so famous? History, great food and beverage, friendly customer service and innovation in its use of organic beef, freshness, fun events and a very special atmosphere!

Big Earls Cave Creek 2016

The history of Big Earl’s Greasy Eats

The Cave Creek Gas StationKnown as the old Cave Creek gas station, Big Earl’s Greasy Eats was designed as a station for Standard Oil in 1935 and patented in 1936. In 1936, Phoenix had 127 service stations, 14 of which were Standard Oil stations. Today, the Cave Creek station, Big Earl’s Greasy Eats, is the only known surviving example of a 1930s art-deco Standard gas station in the greater Phoenix metropolis. Now a world famous restaurant, the former station originally was located on 19th Avenue in Phoenix and was moved to Cave Creek in 1952. It functioned as a Standard station until the late 1980s. Now, you can enjoy some of the best food and beverage around in this eclectic atmosphere. Open 364 days a year, Big Earl’s Greasy Eats serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wit ha huge patio, sand volleyball court and full service bar, it’s the perfect Cave Creek experience!


Treat yourself, friends and family to one of the tastiest menu items around for the holiday season…the Candy Cane Oreo Blizzard Treat®! Available in sizes from mini to large, this scrumptious treat is a smooth mix of candy cane and OREO® bits blended together with our famous creamy vanilla soft serve…make your season the sweetest one ever!


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