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big earls cave creek historyThanks for joining us in our small desert town on the edge of Metropolis...where we are proud to say--the wild things still rule Est 1935, this historic Art Deco style “kit” Standard Oil gas station was once at home on a busy corner in Sunnyslope, AZ. Several of these small buildings could be found along highways all over the country. In 1952 the station was moved (part and parcel) to our dusty outpost of Cave

Creek, AZ; where miners, sheep herders, artists, rebels, nature lovers, outlaws and weary travelers could fuel up, grab a cold drink, shoot the breeze and find some company. In honor of these people and times long gone, we at Big Earl’s Greasy EATS choose to keep the building in primarily the same condition as when we found it. It’s tiny and a little rough, we know. But isn’t it fun to imagine those olden times? Over the years the building has changed hands, family to family, each with its own unique story to tell. My story and the one of Big Earls Greasy EATS, I hope, will be one of Good Times, Real Food and Great Friends. We use the highest quality ingredients, featuring Harris Ranch All Natural (no added hormones or antibiotics) Beef, All Natural Chicken, REAL mayo and butter and fresh baked breads. We hope you taste the difference and know that we are not fast food....we are REAL food as fast as we can. Thanks for being with us. If you happen to see some of our local wildlife friends(javalina, coyotes, tarantulas, snakes, gila monsters, etc) please don’t fret. Take a picture, tell us about it and consider yourself lucky. You’ve been initiated! Share your stories and pictures with us on Facebook. We love to hear them.


Kim Brennan
aka: Big Earl

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