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Most people want to improve their looks simply to look good for their age. Looking good, no matter what age, does not go out of style. Our philosophy at BabyFace LLC is to work with you one-on-one; as an individual with specific goals in mind.  Together, we create a partnership and develop an aesthetic plan that meets your lifestyle, budget and desires. Many people just want a little "tweaking" – small, moderately priced treatments a little at a time to keep looking fresh.   Whether you want to have softer, smoother skin, less wrinkles or fewer lip lines ­– there always is a treatment option for you at BabyFace.  Each person is a walking possibility to Leigh Asher, Certified Medical Esthetic Nurse, and she embraces the opportunity to make her clients happy and to develop a long-term relationship. Leigh has clients who have followed her for many years because she cares and listens to each person who walks through her door. Her priority is treatments that are affordable with minimal downtime and minimal or no discomfort. Picture taking your face and enhancing it a bit to look fresher, younger.

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