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Roxanne ViseArt as a Celebration of Life by Gussie Fauntleroy

There’s a certain creative twist of mind that asks, not “Can I do this,” but “How can I do this?” Scottsdale painter Roxanne Vise has been powered by this fearless approach since childhood, welcoming the stream of adventures sparked by her joyously imaginative, grab-life frame of mind. It’s a path that spawned a series of entrepreneurial ventures, and it characterizes her award-winning art as well.

Vise describes her paintings as natural abstraction. Drawing on the inspiration of nature’s beauty and serenity—shimmering stands of aspens, richly hued dragonflies, sparking water, magical desert environments—she follows her intuitive impulse to create striking abstracted images in acrylics or encaustic. She dips into a wellspring of experience and pulls out vibrant colors and textures. The resulting works explore emotion and metaphor while expressing a deep sense of wonder, curiosity, and love of life. The artist rarely employs a brush, instead using palette knives and gloved fingers to apply, scrape, and work the paint, producing depth and subtlety in a layered, textural approach.

The daughter of a forest ranger, Vise grew up steeped in the experience and lore of the woods. After early years in Michigan, she moved with her family to California’s Napa Valley, where she later worked in the wine industry and was commissioned to create artworks for a number of prominent winemakers. Among other entrepreneurial achievements, she also ran a charter helicopter service— learning to pilot a helicopter in the process—established startup businesses in health and fitness and founded and ran a special events promotions and communications agency. She settled in Scottsdale in 1992, and in 2003 turned her focus full-time to fine art.

Today Vise’s imagery moves between several ongoing series, guided by a sense of spontaneity and play. “Art is about that whole celebration of life, and about letting that beautiful experience come through in a splash of paint,” she says. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the country.

As co-owner of Cave Creek Candles with her husband Steve, Roxanne is immersed in the production of handmade candles, creative projects and painting.

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