Lance Headlee

by Sandra French

lance headleeCreator of the 2013  Poster for The Taste of Cave Creek

Once a professional artist myself, I am not only impressed by Lance Headlee’s colorful, creative paintings and the eye-catching poster he designed for Cave Creek, but I am also amazed at how well he has combined his three major interests:  sports, fine art, and fashion design.  
Raised in Colorado Springs, Lance became interested in art when he was a child watching his father draw cowboys.  After graduating from high school with strait A’s (in art, that is), he majored in art full time at the Colorado Institute of art, concentrating on advertising design and layout...

After that, he moved to Scottsdale where he studied fashion design and merchandising.  

Never contented to limit his artistic scope, Lance continually experimented with various painting styles, including impressionism and abstraction. In 1984, he went to California, where he photographed beach scenes and began producing paintings of lifeguards and beach goers based on his photos.  He also developed an original line of painted swimwear and cover-ups and sold it to well-known dealers such as Cole of California and Catalina.  

Lance returned to Arizona, where his artwork entered the imprinted sportswear market:  athletic apparel, T-shirts, and resort ware.  He also created and produced Bailey Rae, a one-of-a-kind line of hand painted, color washed fashions for women and children.
While he was working on his sportswear and fashion designs, Lance continued to pursue his love of painting.  Fresh canvases have always rested on his easels, and his output never ceases. “For me,” Lance says, “the beauty of painting is that there are no limitations…thinking outside of the box is where the adventure begins.  I let my imagination run free just like the colors flow off the end of my brush.”  Hand-eye coordination, freedom to experiment, a lively imagination, and hard work: Lance seems to have everything it takes to maintain a successful artistic career.  

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