Where the Wild West Lives

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Cave Creek's Title Claim:  The saga of the motto of Cave Creek; "Where the Wild West Lives".

October 2013: 

“From friendly and fun to fist and fraught” –Mayor Vincent Francia

    Poor Scottsdale.  Some of the folks there wouldn’t get Western humor if it bit ‘em on their bootless ankles.  They should purchase some chaps and come to Cave Creek’s Wild West Days sometime.   It might do those slickers some good.  

November 2013:

"Cave Creek Councilman Mike Durkin...came up with a great (motto) for Cave Creek: "Where the Wild West Lives."  It certainly describes what Cave Creek is going for.  People in the historic West didn't always duel, they built better....Cave Creek excepted this new motto at a council meeting November 4th. Click "Continue Reading" for the details on how this battle was waged...

According to an article in Oct. 11th's NE Valley News section of The Arizona Republic, Scottsdale was considering selling its disputed motto “The West’s Most Western Town” under the assumption that it has the right to do so.  Scottsdale Councilman Littlefield is quoted as saying, “Cave Creek, if you want it, we’ll sell it.  But Tombstone and Wickenburg might cough up more bucks.”

Really?  Would Tombstone give up its motto “The Town Too Tough To Die?”  “Welcome To The High Desert” seems to suit Wickenburg just fine.  

  Obviously a city is not a town, so on that basis alone, Cave Creek could own the motto, no matter how many “Western parades,” horse shows, and mounted policemen Scottsdale struts out.  Cave Creek concedes that if it’s a facelift, a fake tan, fancy sunglasses, or flip-flops you’re after, you need to visit Scottsdale.  But if it’s a taste of the old West you’re seeking, Cave Creek is the town to visit. So come to Cave Creek: chow down on some western food, toss a lasso, meet some bowlegged characters, pet a buffalo, out-screech an owl, dig western music and imbibe genuine Western sprits. Visit Cave Creek:  Where the Wild West Lives.

To settle the motto issue once and for all, Cave Creek’s Mayor Francia was ready to face Scottsdale’s Mayor Lane in a QUICK DRAW SHOOTOUT during Cave Creek’s annual Wild West Days.  But Mayor Lane never showed up.

As The Arizona Republic's Laurie Roberts wrote on Wednesday Nov. 11, 2013, (See first page of Section B of that day's issue of the Republic) "Scottsdale city leaders acted like the gang that couldn't shoot straight....instead of deciding to cowboy-up, they lawyered-up...Whoa....Taking Cave Creek to court over a phony bid to hijack (Scottsdale's motto.)? "Scottsdale has plenty of attributes that make it someplace special.  Beautiful parks and trails, delightful pieces of art tucked here and there...and a mountain preserve that is...the envy of every other city in America.  But a sense of humor is evidently not one of its attributes--at least among its leaders....Lane and Co. blew the opportunity for a little fun and allowed Francia and Cave Creek to ride herd over the story, scoring the first, last, and only laughs--and a PR coup for the little town."  


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