Janeys Coffee Co Events for 2017


Janey's Cave Creek

Live Music all Year!
Wednesday 7:30-9:30 PM and Saturday 10AM-12PM with Coyote Joe and Friends , Thursday-Saturday 7:30-10:30 PM, Sunday 3-6 PM & 7-9pm

Wine Wednesday: 6-8 P

Wednesday Mar. 15th Smoot Mahooty
Thursday Mar. 16th Tap Takeover Huss Brewing, music Eric Ramsey
Friday Mar. 17th Left hand Brewery promo for St. Patricks day, music JC & the Juke Rockers $5 cover
Saturday Mar. 18th Sonoran Dogs $5 cover
Sunday Mar. 19th 3-6 Aaron Howard, 7-9 Charlie Alley

Monday Mar. 20th Dominic Provenzano
Tuesday Mar. 21st Carrie Lynn
Wednesday Mar. 22nd Eva Turner
Thursday Mar. 23rd Tap Takeover Bells Brewery, music Glade Wilson
Friday Mar. 24th Big Pete Pearson $10 cover
Saturday Mar. 25th Ronnie Glover Trio $5 cover
Sunday Mar. 26th 3-6 James Cowden, 7-9 Smoot Mahooty

Monday Mar. 27th Albert Parrish
Tuesday Mar. 28th Nick Heward
Wednesday Mar. 29th Tom Wheeling
Thursday Mar. 30th Tap Takeover Mike Hess Brewing, music Cameron DeGurski
Friday Mar. 31st Rocket 88's $5 cover
Saturday Apr. 1st Big Nick & the Gila Monsters $10 cover
Sunday Apr. 2nd 3-6 Steve House solo, 7-9 PK Gregory

Monday Apr. 3rd Glade Wilson
Tuesday Apr. 4th Eddy Roswell
Wednesday Apr. 5th Ashley Creighton
Thursday Apr. 6th Tap Takeover Modern Times, music JoBobs
Friday Apr. 7th Sir Harrison Band $5 cover
Saturday Apr. 8th Bill Dutcher Trio $10 cover
Sunday Apr. 9th 3-6 Smoot Mahooty, 7-9 Jeremy Graham

Monday Apr. 10th Lewis Ray Cammarata
Tuesday Apr. 11th Sweet Tony Paiotti
Wednesday Apr. 12th Shane Hunt
Thursday Apr. 13th Tap Takeover Hangar, music Bill Dutcher solo
Friday Apr. 14th Sugar Thieves $10 cover
Saturday Apr. 15th T-Bone Bastards $5 cover
Sunday Apr. 16th 3-6 Pat Beary, 7-9 Coyote Joe

Monday Apr. 17th Nick Heward
Tuesday Apr. 18th Carrie Lynne
Wednesday Apr. 19th
Thursday Apr. 20th Tap Takeover Innis & Gunn, mus ic Garrett Anderson
Friday Apr. 21st Pop Top $5 cover
Saturday Apr. 22nd Sonoran Dogs $5 cover
Sunday Apr. 23rd 3-6 Eric Ramsey, 7-9 Tim Brady

Monday Apr. 24th Albert Parrish
Tuesday Apr. 25th Dominic Provenzano
Wednesday Apr. 26th
Thursday Apr. 27th Tap Takeover Grand Canyon Brewery, music Glade Wilson
Friday Apr. 28th JC & The Juke Rockers $5 cover
Saturday Apr. 29th Big Pete Pearson $10 cover
Sunday Apr. 30th 3-6 Cameron DeGurski, 7-9 Matt Felix

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